Food Fight

Food Throwers: Begun usually by estranged couples, once this victual flinging starts, everyone will do it...

- J.P. Donleavy

Fighting in relationships is normal.* Conflict will occur; things will be said that are hurtful and painful. In the heat of a passionate argument, it’s hard to step back and detach ourselves from the situation long enough to think about what we’re saying before the words come out. Once words have been released, they can’t be taken back. Only once we’ve calmed down and relaxed can we understand the true impact of our words.

When it comes time to say we’re sorry, how do we determine where to start? In most situations, both parties will alternately feel regret and defiance that they were right – leading to the awkward moments before one person steps up to begin to make amends.

Imagine a situation where in an argument, we hurl food instead of insults. How much more willing would we be to stop and think first? It’s easy to toss degrading comments…but how easy would it be to toss food in someone’s face?

Food fights, just like verbal arguments, end in a messy pile. They require cleanup afterwards – be it physical or emotional. It’s necessary to pick up the pieces…throwing away the things that aren’t salvageable and accepting the notion that our energies and contents have been emptied and wasted.

Apologizing can happen over a meal more enjoyably than without. Food allows us to bond over what we enjoy, while bringing a sort of solace to an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. It broadens our senses and our abilities to relax and react more favorably. Next time you find yourself in the wrong, mend the fences with a meal.

*This is not inspiration from a fight, oddly enough...despite my hormones, I'm surprisingly mellow these days.

(Photo courtsey of www.gigglepoetry.com)

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TKTC said...

Alright lady, something kind've fun just happened. I got sent to a conference in Nashville NEXT WEEKEND! I'll be in town at the Blissfully Domestic Conference from Friday morning to Sunday morning. I'm thinking lunch or brunch or a green tea or something may be in order, depending on your schedule!